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Giving You a Helping Hand

Look no further than Thornton Homecare in Birmingham, West Midlands, for elderly support services and personal care. We promote independence in your own home and work purely through call-outs as well as offering end-of-life care. 

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Outstanding Care for Adults in the Community 

Looking after yourself when you are getting older isn't as easy as it used to be and our caring team understand how difficult this must feel. We offer personal care involving bathing, showering, dental, and hygiene along with giving you independence. Our professionals will also help you dress, change your bedding, and prepare your meals because life doesn't have to be a struggle. Call-outs are available from 15 minutes up to 24 hours and these services also apply to those with physical and learning disabilities as well as:
Dementia - Cerebral Palsy - MS - Cancer - Paralysis - Sensory Impairments

Keeping You Sociable and Active 

When you would like to go out to play bingo or visit the shops, our team are more than happy to assist you. This keeps you active and gives you the chance to meet new people as well as having something to look forward to. We complete all risk assessments and other necessary regulations before providing this service, and the duration does depend on your care plan, which is tailored to your individual requirements. 

Treating Everyone with Dignity 

This service is specifically catered to your loved one who may be terminally ill and has chosen to pass away peacefully at home. We will maintain their personal hygiene and take care of all of their needs in the comfort of their own home by following the same process as we do for elderly care. 

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